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Liquid Surge Control

Truck baffles of the past just don't cut it when it comes to protecting your equipment, personnel and others on the road. A welded baffle only acts as a passive form of resistance. Dynamic movement control is a much more proactive approach to reducing surge force.

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See how this amazing product works:

Surge Busters in Action

As can be seen, Surge Busters significantly reduce the liquid surge within the tank and eliminate the need for traditional welded baffles. The surge is controlled in all possible directions.

Surge Buster Roll Test

One of the most significant contributing factors to a liquid load rollover is the force of surge pushing against the side of the tank while cornering. This test shows how dramatically Surge Busters reduce the movement of the liquid and the resulting force that it places against the side of a tank.


NOTE: Surge Busters® only fill approximately 1/3 of the tank whereas the demonstrations appear to fill the tank completely.

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Baffled Tank Example

Despite the presence of baffles, the movement of a truck can still create a noticeable amount of surge within the truck. Surge Busters® further reduce the amount of surge above and beyond what traditional baffles are capable of.

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Surge Busters® come unassembled but are very easy to put together. Just follow these simple instructions and you're ready to drop them into the tank!


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