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SurgeBuster is a registered trademark of
Surge Control, LLP
SMALL UNITS AVAILABLE FOR 8" to 15" tank openings.
Ask about the SB-807 today!


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Check our commonly asked questions for more information about the Surge Buster® system.

Surge Buster is a registered trademark

Surge Buster's now available for small 8" to 15" openings. Ask about the SB-807 today!

Surge Control, LLP is owned and operated by Bill and Kay Wilson, the inventors of the Surge Buster®



Introducing Surge Buster® - the leading retrofittable surge control system providing the maximum degree of operational safety when transporting your liquid load!

Now presenting the NEW Surge Buster specifically created for fuels: gas, diesel, ethanol blends, jet fuel and some hazmat chemical applications.

SURGE BUSTER® features:

  • Fluid Surge Control
  • Self – Locking Assembly
  • Install in ANY SIZE – ANY SHAPE tank
    including poly, stainless, fiberglass & aluminum tanks
  • Easy to install and clean
  • All moving parts with no entrapments
  • Hot and cold loads
  • Easy 5 Step Assembly
  • Ship Fed Ex

SURGE BUSTER® is N.F.P.A. Compliant

SURGE BUSTER for Fuels: gas, diesel, ethanol blends, jet fuel and some hazmat chemical applications

Just insert the Surge Busters through the manhole of your liquid tank!Unstable liquid loads are dangerous.
Protect yourself with Surge Buster®!

Surge Control, LLP is currently focusing on marketing Surge Buster, a patented revolutionary new retrofitable tie-down system with an innovative design that eliminates 96% of the surge (kinetic energy) in any liquid load.

Unlike conventional baffling systems that rely on blocking surge and transferring it through the tank to the truck, Surge Buster dissipates the energy within the tank. Nothing is attached to the walls of the tank. The resulting benefit to the liquid load hauler is a safer load, reduced stress and fatigue on the driver, plus a 30 to 40% reduction in vehicle maintenance cost as well as longer tank life.

Prolong the life of your tank, air ride shocks, air ride driver seat as well as king pins, 5th wheel jaw pins, springs, torque arm bushings, drive lines, brakes, tires and frames as well as a beneficial effect on your engine performance.

Surge Controls' SURGE BUSTER® for truck and semi liquid load shift control is designed to prevent surging while the liquid cargo is transported. These ellipsoid spheres are available for all liquid cargoes, including chemical, fuel and water cargo tanks of all sizes, milk trucks, army surplus tanks, and any other liquid load haulers.

Benefits of Surge Buster®

  • Liquid surge/loadshift reduction
  • Stabilization of liquid in the entire compartment
  • Stress reduction to the operator
  • Physical fatigue reduction to the truck frame, tank mounts, brakes and automatic transmissions
  • Beneficial in stopping/emergency or in frosty/icy conditions
  • Potential to help prevent accidents.
  • Stabilizing the liquid cargo is beneficial to maintenance reduction, and also increases the safety aspects of transporting liquid cargoes.
*Surge Control, LLP has a Patent / Patent Pending on Surge Buster®.
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